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AraFin is a training program that aims to discuss topical issues affecting the Arab community in Europe. The first hour of an hour-long program teaches Finnish. The program can be viewed daily after 19:00.


Program host Marcus Viljakainen

بارس فين.png
Pars Finn  is a program in Persian that officially started its activity on the official Facebook page of Radio Spo International from 1.2.2019. The purpose of this program is to promote and become more familiar with the culture and art of Finland and Iran.  , With all the tribes and languages ​​and dialects inhabiting it, and operates away from any political, religious and ethnic issues.

 Producer and presenter: Raouf Majidi


The main focus of this newsletter is to publish news from Finnish, Arabian and international media. The newsletter can be viewed five times a week after 5 pm. Once a week

sending a summary of all news.


Program host Israa Ismail


Yalla Sport

A sports program that is shown once a week after 18:00. The program tells about the most important sporting events and news at home and abroad.

Immigrants who have been successful in sports in Finland are invited to the program.


Program host Shuruq Shahab



The Power program deals with changing the negative attitudes and thinking of immigrants in a more positive direction, for example after moving to Europe.


Program host Asmaa Taha


F. car

F. car is a special program for European cars and their type problems as well as solutions to problems, engines, oil use, tires.


Program host Hazim



The papers program invites guests and discusses the current issues of immigrants with them, and seeks solutions to problems.


Program host Israa Ismail

The tone of life

The program is especially designed for children. The aim of the program is to arouse the imagination of the Arab children in small steps, in an easy way and with the right design. The program is displayed three times a week after 19:00.

Program host Zahraa Alhashimi

Espoo dinners

A versatile cultural program that includes music and poetry to reach different listeners. The artist is called an art person of different cultures. The program is shown daily at 21:00.


Program host Rana Alsuod

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